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Buffalo & Falls

Buffalo & Falls


Buffalo & Falls

Buffalo & Falls

Experience the Buffalo ranch and waterfalls of the Blaeberry Valley


Keep your eyes open and watch for wildlife sightseeing opportunities all while learning about the unique landscape of the region.

Enjoy a historical interpretive sightseeing tour that starts in Golden BC at the heart of the parks and travels up the rugged terrain to the Buffalo ranch where you can meet the Leo and learn about the important role that buffalos play in nature.

Surrounded by majestic mountains sit back and relax as the tour will then move on to the Thompson Falls and other spectacular local spots. 

This tour lets you relax, focus on the views and the surrounding peaks all while learning about the buffalo, our history, heritage, landscape and unique local businesses and inhabitants.

Don’t forget your camera!

  • Price:

    $246.00 - Up to 4 Adults

    $39.00 - Per additional Adult

    Kids are free (some restrictions apply)


Food Options:

  • Snacks included
  • Lunch can be added on
  • Duration: Approximately 3.5 hours

  • Available 7 days a week

  • Starts at 2:00 pm


Pick-up times start at 9:00 am

Pick-up locations:

  • at your hotel (within Golden town limits)
  • at the Visitor Centre in town
    (Across from the Dreamcatcher hostel)

Activity Level 3

Rated, as a vehicle interpretive tour. The only exercise required is a gentle 400-meter walk down a dirt road to the waterfalls viewing spot.


Buffalo & Falls

Buffalo & Falls